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What kind of company would publish cons about their products? We know you may be skeptical, so here are some things about our products that you may not be jazzed about, but let me tell you why we still stand behind them.

Ugh, these plates are hand wash only! Not dishwasher or microwave safe. I don’t have time for that!

Do your kids have a favorite plate? Mine all do, so often times I just end up giving their favorite plate a quick rinse and reusing it anyway. If you give these plates a quick wash and dry after each meal, I PROMISE you that is less time spent than loading and unloading the dishwasher.

No microwave. Yup, and I am okay with that. MANY kids plates out there that are plastic really should not be microwaved because it is not healthy. I have always microwaved my kids food in glass or chinaware, and then transferred the food onto their kids plates.

My Fancy Lunch™ rainbow charcuterie boards and complimentary products are not competing with plastic, we don’t want to be like plastic. We are upset with plastic, and mother nature is too.

If you are eco-friendly then why are these products made in China and not the United States?

This was a two year process of searching for the right supplier/manufacturer. I researched and investigated options both in the United States and overseas. The reality is bamboo is THE MOST sustainable option for a raw material. Bamboo is not a domestically grown crop here in the United States. So even if I chose a manufacturer in the US, the bamboo would still be coming from Asia. I did look into other types of woods but again, after much research bamboo in my opinion was still the best option.

I am still not where I want to be in terms of sustainability of the products, for example I would like to change the packaging, but as a new company and new to entrepreneurship I am still learning and navigating the process.

Why aren’t your products available on Amazon?

I come from a family of small business owners and have always been a big supporter of small businesses.  I enjoy and appreciate the relationships that are formed between small business owners and their customers. I feel that that aspect of business often gets lost on large digital marketplace platforms, so for right now I do not feel like Amazon is the right fit for me. In the future I would love to see my products in small local shops!

Why isn’t your shipping free?

As a new business owner, shipping logistics is something I am also learning. Shipping costs are very expensive and at this time it would not be sustainable for my business to offer free shipping. I hope that that is something I can offer in the future.

Why is this board any better than using a regular cutting board?

I follow many charcuterie board/grazebox company accounts on Instagram. The way they design their boards is AMAZING! I do not possess that same level of skill. I am just a regular mom who was looking for a template that I could use with my kids. I wanted an eco-friendly, fun, playful kid centered plate that would act as our canvas. The plain old rectangular board wasn’t cutting it anymore for us. I find this board to make designing easy, especially for my kids. They choose what color scheme they want the rainbow to be, hunt through the fridge and pantry for different color foods, it’s really a great time!

We selected a rainbow as our first design because we wanted our design to be gender neutral and fun for everyone.  Our next design is also gender neutral and available NO WHERE on the internet, so stay tuned! Exciting stuff ahead!

Why don’t you have a better return policy?

If your items are defective or damaged please contact us. We want nothing more than for our customers to be happy with their purchase. Due to the nature of our products, it is hard to determine after some time if the product is faulty or if it is due to improper care, it is for that reason that we have a tighter return window.

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Have a picky eater? My Fancy Lunch makes eating fun, promotes healthier eating habits, and encourages participation and creativity in meal preparation!

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