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making meal time more enjoyable for everyone!

My Fancy Lunch’s purpose is to help encourage children’s participation in meal preparation, which often leads to more success when trying new and healthier foods. We want to bring more joy, and less stress, to both you and your children’s mealtimes!

eco friendly

beeswax wraps help reduce waste

promotes healthy eating habits

makes the perfect gift!

our products

Bamboo rainbow-shaped suction plate with cloud-shaped dipping cups, gift for toddlers

bamboo tableware

We selected bamboo as our preferred material for many reasons. First, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, making it a highly sustainable option for eco-friendly tableware.

Bamboo does not need any nasty chemicals or pesticides to grow and it actually helps improve soil versus deplete it. It is an abundant natural resource and crops replenish themselves more quickly than other soft woods.

Bamboo is lightweight and durable and it is a crop that supports many local agricultural industries around the world. We are proud to utilize such an environmentally friendly material for our products, and hope you can feel good about them too!

Care Instructions

beeswax wraps

Our beeswax wraps are made with completely biodegradable, non-toxic and food safe materials. Cotton fabric is coated with food-grade beeswax and other natural oils to make it a pliable and useful material to preserve your food.

We selected beeswax wraps to compliment your My Fancy Lunch™ plates and boards because they are eco-friendly, sustainable and reduce waste.

The wrap can be used in place of a plastic wrap or plastic bag. We love to use them to cover bowls of prepped food for the My Fancy Lunch™ boards, helping to put meals together in no time! If you have leftovers from your board, simply wrap them up in your My Fancy Lunch™ Beeswax wraps and save them for later.

Please refer to the care section and read how to take proper care of your beeswax wraps so you will prolong their use.

Care Instructions

adjustable aprons

At My Fancy Lunch™ our philosophy is to encourage kids to be part of their food preparation process.  We designed these adjustable aprons to make them feel extra fancy while helping to prepare their meals!

Care Instructions

charcuterie picks

Our creator and rainbow enthusiast, Declan, hand drew the rainbow design for these fun picks. Perfect for mini fruit or veggie kabobs, cupcake toppers, or to just stick into some chunks of cheese, the uses for these picks are endless. Each pack comes with 50 picks.

As with any toothpick, the ends can be a little sharp, so we do advise parental supervision when eating and designing with the picks.