about us

the inspiration

So, here’s the story

of how My Fancy Lunch started…

Owner Nicole Charles is a mom of 4 with a passion for food. In 2020, while her son Declan was virtual learning, the 2 of them enjoyed sharing lunch together. It was a moment of connection in an otherwise chaotic day. One day, Declan asked if they could have a “fancy lunch.”

What the heck is a fancy lunch?

Declan led his mom over to the cutting boards and said, “you know… fancy lunch. When you put cheese and salami on the board.” Aha! He wanted a charcuterie board for lunch! Declan, who at times is Nicole’s pickiest eater, ate almost everything on the board that day. Soon after, “fancy lunch” became a regular request and a big hit among her 4 children.

the creation

After sharing some of her lunch boards on Instagram, Nicole received many messages from other moms. They excitedly shared that their version of “fancy lunch” had their children eating foods they had never tried or had previously refused.

After seeing other parents inspired by “fancy lunch,” Nicole scoured the internet in search of charcuterie style boards for kids. She was looking for fun, aesthetically pleasing, and not-plastic. She couldn’t find ANY she liked. So she decided to create one on her own, with the help of her son, Declan. And so, My Fancy Lunch was born.

our why

As a high school social studies teacher and club advisor, Nicole has grown a passion for environmental issues, particularly in the consumer industry. She knew that whatever products she put out there, would have to be in line with her eco-friendly values. But material wasn’t the only thing to consider… 

Nicole and Declan worked together to decide on a design for the products that would accommodate all ages of charcuterie enthusiasts. After all, the best part about their fancy lunches was sharing it with each other. Since Declan is a huge fan of rainbows, they decided rainbows would be best for their first products. In fact, Declan gave his personal touch by hand-drawing the rainbow for the charcuterie style picks.

Nicole is most passionate about motherhood and sharing meals with her family. That’s why the first product they created was the Large Rainbow Board. They knew their first product needed to be focused on being together and sharing a meal. The Large Rainbow Board is perfect for children and families to graze together or for serving up fun at a party, playdate, or an afternoon snack. The accompanying products were added in hopes of bringing more joy and less struggle into our children’s meal times.

Now, stop being fussy and